Jeanneau x Winch Design: The Faces Behind the Excellence of Jeanneau Yachts

For over 30 years, Jeanneau and Winch Design have worked in close collaboration on the interior design concept for the Jeanneau Yachts line.  Today, over 400 Jeanneau Yachts are sailing on waters around the world.

Here is a look back at this successful collaboration:


Winch Design

This London design studio is renowned on the international scene as a key player in yacht design and naval architecture, as well as in the field of interior design in aviation.

Winch Design works hand-in-hand with Jeanneau on the design of each boat model to offer exceptional experiences at sea and to adapt to the profiles and preferences of their owners.


Inspiration can come from anywhere:  an interesting piece of furniture you found somewhere, an inspirational museum you went to, or a pebble you found on the beach somewhere. (Joost Roes – Associé – Winch Design Interior Architect)

I do believe that, ultimately, sailing is about doing it in style, in comfort, and to the highest performance possible. (Ignacio Oliva-Velez Senior Partner – Winch Design Interior architect)

Welcome to the World of Jeanneau Yachts

High-performance, elegant sailboats designed for offshore cruising, Jeanneau Yachts open unlimited horizons for travel and discovery.

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