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Sharing Our Values…

Preserving Marine Biodiversity

The marine ecosystem is among the most fragile on our planet, and it must be protected. We are responsible actors in this vital challenge, as our ISO 14001 environmental standards certification attests. In our fibreglass production, we have chosen to use an injection moulding process that traps solvents and avoids the emission of VOCs into the air. In our laminating process, we now use a clean technology with a very low level of solvents (4% versus the former 60%) and curing by UV lamps. Finally, each new production model boat benefits from equipment to aid in protecting nature at sea and at port.

As an ISO 9001 company, the Jeanneau’s building process is certified to the highest international standards. Each new sailboat is thoroughly tested throughout the building process and each receives additional tank testing where all systems are put through their paces.


Learn best practices to follow aboard your sailboat or powerboat to reduce pollution

Humanity at the Heart of Jeanneau

Human values are at the core of Jeanneau’s fundamental values. Throughout our history, the men and women of the Jeanneau shipyard have cultivated a passion for our product that goes hand-in-hand with our respect for social ethics. So, for years, Jeanneau has valued workers, offering training and enrichment programs for our employees, with at heart the desire to conserve our role as a major employer, notably in the French Department of Vendée and around the town of Cholet.


Jeanneau partners with associations and supports solidarity initiatives by associations acting directly for people in need.

Jeanneau is most notably partnering with: